The Importance of Depository Participant in Demat Account Opening

March 31, 2021 Off By Alicia Hunt

Definition of demat accounts

A demat, or DP could be described as an accounts used for allowing an investor to hold different financial components in digital form rather than holding it . This DP accounts is very similar to a savings bank accounts. To be able to start DP accounts, the investor must approach a Depository participant.

Who is Depository Participant?

A depository participant, or DP, is the one which retains a investor’s records at a dematerialised form in addition to receives all of the transactions for buying and selling. This DP subsequently opens your accounts and allots an account number in addition to a DP ID number. So afterwards, this DP ID number might need to be noted wherever units should be imputed to demat account. A DP’s most important benefit is that an investor can hold the entire portfolio of mutual fund units, shares and other securities in one account, in a digital form.

As an example, if a specific investor has spent in HDFC Mutual, ICICI Pru Mutual and Kotak Mutual, then all such holdings could be kept in one DP accounts instead of owning physical certifications of each investment. To get more details visit

There are approximately four chief fees involved throughout the opening and maintenance of a Demat accounts, namely accounts opening fees, yearly maintenance fee, custodian fee and transaction fee. Nearly all these fees are different for distinct DP.

Transfer of securities to demat accounts

Securities can readily be transferred into demat account. Therefore, if you still don’t have a DP accounts, you better do it today. For opening this account, all you want to do is to fill in your own information in a dematerialized request form (DRP), supplied by a DP. As soon as you’ve filled up this form, submit it to a DP as well as various necessary announcement.

1 thing you want to remember is that if mutual funds, your DP consideration along with also the components’ holding ought to have same titles in addition to manner of holding. Your DP subsequently supplies you a comprehension of the type’s receipt, which will then send to the Registrar & Transfer Agent (RTA). Because of this, your physical components are subsequently converted from the demat mode by creating the entrance in their novels in addition to intimating the appropriate exchange.

The market then informs this DP, followed with the DP crediting the accounts of investor with components. While entry is completed for conversion, the investor is assumed to make sure the holding manner is exactly the same.

Hence launching a De-Materialized accounts is a lot easier than it was formerly the procedure for opening the De-Materialized accounts may get much easier if you receive the aid of your stock agent. Launching a De-Materialized accounts is the smart way for investing in shares or some other businesses, you will find abundant benefits of De-Materialized account.